3 Female Solo Travelers Who Rocked The World; If They Can, So Can You!

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Last week, whilst looking for female travelers here and there for the blog, I got the chance to meet 3 amazing girls who explored India and the world “Solo”.

These ‘Super ladies’ wandered the untrodden paths alone without a cape.

Oh boy! These girls had lived dreams of many!

The unsolicited call from within took the wanderlust souls to the places that allayed their traveler thirst.

I interviewed the trio and with great enthusiasm presenting their Solo travel stories to you.

Are you ready to get inspired?

Let us dig in then!

An SRCC (Elite College) Pass Out Explored Europe via Walking Tours

This topper of Delhi University had a chance to become an A–Grade officer at SEBI. But, she denied the offer.

What? Was she mad?

Apparently, Not!

She went to learn German in Germany. During her language learning, she did not let go of the chance to explore Europe –ALONE.

Let me hear a round of applause for her!

On asking her “where did you go?”

She started speaking with a gleam of pleasure and pride in her tone.

“I went to Bruges in Belgium. It is one of the finest places I have ever been to. Gladly, I opted for a free walking tour with free food tasting”, she giggled.

We Indians Never Let Go the FREE FOOD. And hell, we are proud of it!

She continued, “The tour was organized by Legend free walking tours. It was really exhilarating to see the beautiful town on foot. And the tour guide was damn cute. I still regret not clicking a picture with him”

There she was certainly smitten by the charming young lad. I could tell because her smile got widened whilst articulating this.


After a blush-pause, she spoke again “During the tour, we went to the house of waffles. Their waffles were not like what we get in India. They were light, airy, crisp, with powdered sugar sprinkled like snow on them.”

“The next, we went to Fries Museum. They served hot fries with mayonnaise. It was strange because we always get ketchup with fries in India. But, it tasted amazing with the creamy-mayo”

“The last two places of the tour package were chocolaterie de burg & Bourgogne desflandres where I tasted authentic Belgian chocolate and beer”

I think I drooled listening about the luscious food story, especially when she talked about chocolate and waffles.

Nevertheless, she continued storytelling of another awesome town/hamlet where she lived and learned the native language.

Unlike the narration of the Bruges walking tour package, where she had a bright glow in her eyes (the credit goes to the cute lad, of course), this time she was calm and happy with subtlety.

She crooned “I had lived in Munich, which is a big city. So, there were no expectations when I was moving to Schwäbisch Hall, a small town established beside the Schwabian Alps.”

“But the town surpassed my lame thinking! The welcome by the Museum of Josenturm blew my mind. And those colorful houses on the meandering roads of the town are indelibly marked on my memory.” She spoke again with a smile “The experience of living in the countryside gave me blithesome memories that in no way a big city like Munich had ever given”.

A Punjabi Kudi (female) Who Traveled Hill Stations of India – Chak De Fatte!

I felt she is an MTV roadie because mostly girls from Chandigarh are so daring.

Along with courage, she is a mindful female solo traveler.

The tips she told while the conversation made me realize that every female traveler must know them. It will ensure fun with safety.

Let us hear from her!

I asked her “So where did you go in India”

“Hills bring me peace as well as adventure. Those lush green valleys having deep gorges swept by gushing river enthralls my core”

“Since I belong to Chandigarh, I picked up the most sought-after destination for my 1st solo trip. I think you might have guessed it already. It is Manali

She booked a taxi package from a reliable travel agency (run by a female solo traveler) and set out to explore the hill station alone. It gave her the peace she hankered for and the best company, of herself.


“Do you have some tips for other girl travelers?”

“Of course, there are many things to consider before going alone”

Here is the list from her that will help you for your new or next trip…

  • Always book from a well-known Taxi Service agency.
  • Choose a tour package that takes you to the secret places in the hill station. For that a local driver is the best informant.
  • Install an application in your phone that can detect any hidden camera and microphone in your hotel room. (this is the best advice from her)
  • Always keep snacks with you. Because there won’t be many shops at the hill sites.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. You may feel there won’t be a need because of the cold climate. But, that can make you sick.
  • Another golden tip from her – If you suddenly start shivering due to cold, eat some SNOW. It was told to her by a local fellow when she unexpectedly started feeling cold at Rohtang pass. Eating snow normalized her body temperature within few minutes.
  • Keep essential medicines and first-aid box for an emergency.

Her tip to install an app which could detect hidden camera was the most important I feel. Here are two apps for the same.


For IPhone

Do you even want to visit the beautiful hill stations of Himachal like this girl? Then look at our Yatra Land Tour packages. Moving forward…

A Geek Who Traveled The Party Capital of The World – AMSTERDAM

“I went to the Netherlands for a short work trip. And OMG! Was I in heaven? BIG YES, I was”

She started speaking before I could ask her “where did she go?”

Of course, she was immensely excited!

“I never expected I would visit the party capital of the world. It was crazy. The most unexpected encounter was when the company where I was working organized a tennis match of Roger Federer. I was swooned by his agility. It was totally different seeing him play live at the tennis courtyard.”

I was envious. For sure!

But, I suppressed the jealousy somehow and continued listening her.

“Every weekend you would have found me in Tram no. 5, going to Leidseplein. It was the hub of all clubs. My favorite was Jazz café Alto. Wine with Jazz is a lethal combination.”

“The pleasure gets amplified when it starts snowing. It is magical when snowflakes melt on your cheeks while you are drunk. Thanks to the wine for the surreal experience”, she grinned while saying that.

Her wine story titillated my alcohol urge.

Silly me!

I shot another question to her, “What was the most quirky experience you had there?”

She smirked for few minutes before saying confidently,” Oh yes! It was the Gay Pride Parade

“Thousands of homosexuals and lesbians come from all around the world to celebrate their love. It was strange for me earlier. But then I thought deeply. And my conscience told me they are even souls

That statement from her jolted me! I was suddenly feeling how imbecile are those who don’t accept something very natural.

She ended the conversation with some interesting facts about the city.

It is the safest place in the world. A woman doesn’t have to worry at all even if she strolling on secluded streets at 2 am.

“Moreover, people were humble. The best thing was whoever you meet will greet you – no matter if they know you or not. So, in the morning while going to work I always got at least 20 wishes from random strangers”

Let us have the final words

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Mary Oliver

These female solo travelers have broken the stereotypes that have been paralyzing the thinking for ages.

If they can do it, so can you!

You require inspiration (which has been already provided).Plus, a reliable resource to plan your solo travels.

To support your zeal for traveling with yourself, our travel agency is here, run by another ardent Female Solo traveler. And that’s the reason for you (the girl with dreams to travel) to choose us.

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