Beautiful Places in Spiti Valley To Spark Your Wanderlust

Key Monastery Spiti Valley Tour

During the lockdown, watching movies had become a daily routine for many. While doing so, if one had got the chance to watch “Highway” then besides admiring the movie, it does ignite the wanderlust of the watcher. Especially, by the highway surrounded by huge arid mountains and unending grasslands. And guess what? those enticing terrain lie in Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh. Without any doubts, beautiful places in Spiti Valley Trip can spark an urge in a wanderlust soul. Scarcely populated make it an ideal place to visit, where one could be less worried about pandemic and breathe without a mask at many places there unlike the more vulnerable metro cities thronged with people.

If you like to click photographs, then one requires high-capacity memory card as the its gorgeous views would leave you spellbound. And one can observe Tibetan culture in the valley, making it lucrative for inner peace.

A few from many places to visit are…

  1. Kaza Town is the heart of Spiti Valley situated along the flowing Spitiriver.. Town is well nurtured with historical values as well as modern amenities. Thus, it is the best place to rent an abode in the valley. If you are interested in knowing Tibetan culture exclusively, then recommendation is to stay in a local guest house and relish authentic food. I bet you would love the buttery chai ūüėä

Exploring Kaza‚Ķ    

Kaza is where you can set up your base camp and head to various adventurous treks in the valley and nearby places like Chandratal Lake, Kibber Village, et al. Moreover, having a spiritual significance, it has many monasteries and Buddhist shrines for an uplifting cultural experience of valley’s ethos.

2. Sakya Tangyud Monastery is one of the popular tourist spot to visit to as it is well known for its quirky architecture and  stunning surrounding terrains.

When and how to reach Sakya Tangyud Monastery…

During summers i.e., from June till October is an ideal to visit the town and areas nearby. But a few likes to adventure in winters too, then one can plan a trip during November till February. There are two ways to reach Kaza, one from Shimla and other from Manali. From both cities, busses are available to Kaza. One point to note here is that in winters route via Kinnaur valley (via Shimla) is only open. Way via Manali remains closed due to heavy snowfall at Rohtang pass.

Go with your pet…

Well! Why should only humans have all the fun. Kaza town also have Pet Friendly Hotels. These hotels have Hoomans as well as Doggo or Catto food, sufficing the needs of your pet and allowing you have a comfortable stay with your pet BFF.

2. Chandratal Lake is located at a formidable altitude brings an adrenaline rush as it has an adventurous trek to climb on. Surrounded by humungous mountain ranges and lake’s pristine blue water would leave you mesmerized, setting it one of almighty’s virtuoso artwork in the lap of valley. Crescent shape of the lakes justifies its name as Chandratal.

When to visit Chandratal Lake…?

Ideal time to visit the place is in June, when snow has been cleared out from the way to the lake. Although, enthused souls do visit the place in winters too. But monsoon season is not recommendable to visit the lake as it is prone to landslides during the season. Thus, June till September is apt to visit the lake and enjoy the pleasant weather.



To boost the exemplary experience, don‚Äôt miss to campaign at a site approximately 2 km away from the lake and cherish the clear sky shimmering with stars at night. A bonfire would provide you heat in the chilly night ūüėä.

Things to remember

  • As the lake is at high altitude, take some time to acclimatize before trekking at Manali then Kaza on the way.
  • Moreover, mobile network in the valley is pretty weak. So, it is better to take a help along with you from Kaza who could help you to trek and set up the camp.
  • Keep yourself aptly hydrated and do carry medical kit for emergency.

3. Pin Valley National Park is place of peace and serenity surrounded by cold desert mountains and grasslands around it, spans an area of around 675 km, is about 30 km from Kaza town. Its quaint beauty brings a sense of admiration to the creation of mother earth, attracts many wanderlust souls.

Camping and fun activities…

National park has a few treks around the valley to climb and cherish the nature’s beauty along with adventurous path way. During day time, one can set up camp in the park and enjoy with family and friend moments of glee. Besides camping, skiing is a popular sports one can indulge into during winters on snowcapped mountains.

Ecological importance‚Ķ       

Although the national park is sparsely vegetated, yet it has some endangered species of plants that have acute medicinal importance. Moreover, animal kingdom which is able to bear the extreme cold weather of the valley can be found in the area and surroundings. A few lucky ones had got a gaze of snow leopard, Tibetan fox and other snow animals.

4. Key Monastery

Key Monastery

At a spectacular altitude stands this Tibetan Buddhist monastery, close to the Spiti River, in the valley is one the most auspicious place. Its location and architecture reminds of the huge hilltop castles of lords of rings and harry potter, with Tibetan cultural influence.           Eye-catching Himalayan ranges surrounds the monastery takes your imagination to fairy lands, something that seems unreal to the eyes. During winters temperature drops to very low and snow engulfs the mountains as well as the monastery.

How to reach Key Monastery‚Ķ? 

          Monastery is around 13 km from Kaza. Private cabs are available in the town, which can take you to the monastery.

Spiritual and Cultural Importance…

Kye Gompa, well known as Key monastery’s walls are well decorated with many paintings and murals, depicting the Buddhist culture, also Chinese influence. The place is meditation and spiritual hub for hundreds of monks who visit the place mainly during summers. Also, Dalai Lama had paid many visits to monastery.

5. Suraj Tal Lake

Suraj Tal – Lake of the Sun God

Suraj tal is a hotspot for motor bikers. Being located on the way to Leh from Manali, motor bikers usually take a halt at Suraj tal to rest and camp. Pristine surrounding of the lake has gigantic Himalayan ranges which adds to serenity and beauty of the place.

          Suraj Tal has a sacred affinity of being the Lake of God Sun, earth‚Äôs sole energy provider. It is also believed that all sins are washed if you take a dip in the lake.

How to reach Suraj Tal Lake…?

Lake can be accessed via NH-21 highway, popularly known as Manali-Leh highway, just below Baralacha pass. To be precise, it is around 65 km from Keylong district

Physical conditions…

Being located at the upper Himalayan zone, lake has climatic conditions similar to polar regions. And temperature during winters drops to -40 degree Celsius, freezing the lake with thick layer of ice.

Trekking paradise…


Lake originates from a glacier in Baralacha pass, which has many thrilling treks, lures the ardent trekkers to enjoy the excitement of the thrill. Moreover, a camera along is a golden deal to capture the breathtaking views of the surroundings, especially spellbinding huge mountains and water bodies.