ROYAL ENFIELD Rider’s Tribe Set Out to Camp at BAROT VALLEY

Royal Enfield Barot Valley Tour

“Just after recovering from COVID, I dropped a message in the WhatsApp group of my Rider’s community to plan a trip” were the words warbled by one of the members of the ROYAL ENFIELD Rider’s tribe of Delhi.

Himalayan mountains have been guarding the Indian subcontinent for millions of years. The British, during their rule on our country, had explored many places in the imposing mountain ranges. The famous ones were Shimla and Manali. These hill stations are now among the most popular vacation Himachal destinations.

Other than the popular ones, wanderlusts search for some offbeat locations where they could relish nature in its raw and unadulterated form.

Does such a place entice you even?

Then surely, you are one of those searchers! ✌

Just like you, the members of the ROYAL ENFIELD Rider’s tribe of Delhi always look for quirky places. After being long captivated at their homes during the 2nd pandemic wave hit India, these enthusiasts chose Barot Valley for their next motorbike excursion.

Let’s hear the amazing camping and ride tale from one of the riders!

I met this Royal Enfield rider on Instagram. He is a common friend of my cousin who mentioned many times about his riding stories. So, I have been casually following his profile as the pictures he posts are always spellbinding.

At the start of June, he posted pictures of a campsite and river Uhl. Those pictures piqued my interest to know more about his recent trip.

Without thinking more, I messaged him to set up a call to know more about his trip to the ethereal place in Himachal known as Barot.

How Did They Reach The Barot valley?

He picked up the call. It was the 1st time I was talking to this person.

Thankfully he sounded genial!

I started with appreciation “Damn brother! The place you went was so amazing. I haven’t ever imagined the existence of this beautiful camping site in India”

I could tell he was breezy and smiling while answering me as his voice was mellow.

“Absolutely! Barot is one of the best places we (Motorbike riders) have been to. It is located in the Mandi district. A few km before Manali”

I was already exalted seeing the pictures. His mentioning that it was one the best place he had ever been to, made me more excited. I asked him “How did you reach the Valley? What route did you take? Did you halt in between?”

Oops! I realized later that I had shot many questions like a machine gun.

Crazy me 😉

Yet, he replied calmly “We started from Delhi at 4 am in the morning. All the riders met at the Karnal bypass, from where we headed towards Barot”

The route they took was this:

Delhi → Ambala → Chandigarh → Sundernagar → Mandi → Barot

He continued further “We stopped at Sundernagar for a Night stay. My friend had arranged the stay in a Gurudwara there.”

“It was already quite late when we reached the Gurudwara. But, as they say, no one goes hungry from the Gurudwara. The head of the Gurudwara instantly arranged dinner at the Langar hall (communal kitchen hall).”

He added information.

“Roads were good except a short stretch from Bilaspur till Sundernagar. The rest were good”

“The next morning we again had breakfast in Gurudwara. And after bowing before Guru Granth Sahib, we rode towards our destination”

There was an upheaved joy when he explained the beauty of the campsite at Barot valley.

Let’s see what he said!

“It was purely magical. Our camp was by the side of Uhl River. I remember that I sat down at least for an hour alone at the banks of the river gazing at the sunset. The scenery was beautiful. Moreover, the weather was pleasant. Not too cold, not even hot. Just perfect”

He also told me the pre-requisites for a motor biking tour to Himalayan ranges

Keep the biking gears for safety
Your motorbike has to get serviced before going on a mountain trip.
• Keep a hard copy of the map because there could be some places where the GPS won’t work.
You must know where all you can find motorbike service centers or garages on the way. This is very important. You will get to know why further in this blog.
Take along a water-proof tent and sleeping bag. He bought it all from the Karol bagh market in Delhi.
• Take along medical aid kit for emergencies.
• Warm clothes, as the climate could get cold.
• LED lights for the bike and to put on yourself as the roads in Himachal don’t always have street lights.

I am not a rider. But listening to his travel story sparked an urge in me even, and I did something silly. You will get to know it soon.

Keep reading!

Places to Explore on a Barot Valley Tour

I shot another question, “What all places did you go?”

With a sigh of bliss, he spoke again…

“It was near the Ulh River. A walk through the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary was a fantastic experience. By chance, it drizzled that day. The weather became cold but not shivering-cold.”

“We spotted Ghorals (small antelopes) and many birds. I always admire the beauty of nature. An amble through the park gave me what I miss in Delhi”

As he was speaking connoted that he has been recollecting all the memories of the Barot Valley trip while were conversing.

“Riding is my passion. But gliding in the sky is something I experienced for the 1st time in Bir Biling. I just have one word to describe it…WOW!”

Indeed, paragliding makes one feel like he has become a bird!

Don’t you think so?

Some Final Words from The Enfield Rider

Royal Enfield Barot Valley Tour

I asked him if there was a memorable moment during the trip.

With a smirk, he said “Yes! When I said you must know about service stations or garages on the way. It was due to an incident that happened on the riding tour.”

Even I was befuddled like you are now listening to this!

“One of rider met an accident while coming back from Barot to Delhi near Chandigarh

It suddenly made me attentive and I listened more carefully.

“Thankfully, he was not injured at all. But his motorbike’s handle twisted. We wasted 2 hours to find a garage to get it fixed.”

That’s a golden tip I must say!

Ok… So, let me tell you the silly thing I did (the one I promised to tell you)

Certainly, I was fascinated by the Barot valley trip. So, I asked one of my friends to go along on a trip to Barot.

I did go on a trip. But I went on Hero Splendor 😂😂😂.

Please don’t do this! You must choose a cruiser motorbike for such trips.

Wish you the best for your motorbike trip. If you are choosing Barot Valley, then you are going to have an exemplary experience.

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