List Of Top Trekking Places in Himachal Pradesh

Baralacha la pass trek

In love with nature and its marvels, a peripatetic traveler always likes to explore the place, he travels to, mostly by his feet. This gives a chance to know and relate deeply with the zest of a location. Well, such a person in one word is regarded as a Trekker. And the one who is reading this is surely a Trekker or an aspiring one. If not, even then we are sure that you will be inspired to hike the exhilarating trekking places in Himachal Pradesh after knowing about them. So, let us see which are they.

Easy to Moderate ones…

  • Tirund Trek
  • Kheerganga Trek
  • Hampta Pass trek

Difficult ones…

  • Baralacha Trek
  • Pin Parvati pass Trek
  • Sar Pass Trek

Tirund Trek

Tirund trek is the easiest trek in Himachal Pradesh. Ideal for solo treks and even for beginners. Trek starts from base camp at Dharamkot, which is very near to Mcloedganj, upper division of Dharamshala. To add few more kms to hike, a few starts the trek from Mcloedganj itself. It all depends on one’s stamina.

Triund Trek

The trail of the trek has 22 curves and the climb is steep at some points. While climbing one will have a relentless unrivalled view of jagged Dhauladhar range. And it becomes merrier listening to songbirds while you pass through dense forest of rhododendron, pine and oak trees.

Ideal Time to Go: Except Monsoon, anytime is good.

Duration: 1-2 days

Kheerganga Trek

It is the most popular trek that hikers aspire to explore due to the reward they get on reaching the mountain summit, a natural hot spa, a hot water spring called as Parvati Kund.

Kheerganga Trek

On the trail to summit, one comes across hamlets, Nakhtan and Rudra nag village, having some alfresco cafes to eat. Moreover, Rudra Nag waterfall on the trial along with breathtaking view of Parvati valley is a refreshing treat to the eyes.

An overnight stay at the campsite on the summit with campfire gives a classic experience of openness under the stark sky.

Ideal Time to Go: Except Monsoon, anytime is good.

Duration: 2 days

Hampta Pass Trek

Have you ever imagined yourself playing Jumanji, where you would be taken another dimension, into a totally different world altogether? That’s how you will feel when you pass through Hampta Pass. It is totally believable if you say that ‘I was not able to move’ or ‘My mouth was stark open for several minutes seeing it’.

I am sure, you must be avidly eager to know what is so prominent about the pass over. Well, when you reach the pass, your back would be facing the lush green, splotched with blooming flowers, Kullu valley. And at front you will see the giant arid mountains of Lahaul, with almost no vegetation. Such a contrast will leave you awestruck.

Start base camp of the trek is in Jobra.

Ideal Time to Go: June to September

Duration: 6 days

Baralacha Trek

Baralacha La pass is summit of this trek. Trek takes you through some treacherous paths having many ledges to cross, which adds a thrill to the hike. Spiti is known for its quaint, low vegetative snow capped which are unlike the lush green valleys of Kullu or Manali, but it in itself is a charm which is different yet pleasurable. How? Well, one would see the marvel of nature like Bara sighri glacier. And glacial moraines are something which could not be found in lush green valleys.

Baralacha la pass trek

Chandratal lake is one of the rewards one gets on the trail, and camping in its vicinity provides ex-gratiato the trekkers.

Starting point of the trek is in Batal.

Ideal Time to Go: June to September

Duration: 6 days

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

It’s a job of nimbleness due to the longevity of 110km and crossing the treacherous path. So, a seasoned trekker has to go for the stride. Pin Parvati trek is a thrill filled as well fun filled trek for an ardent trekker. Starting from Barsheni Village, reachable by driving from Kullu, one traverses through the arid cold desert of the Pin Valley in Spiti to lush green Parvati valley. On the way you will enjoy the audacity as well as warmth of mother nature. Kheerganga hot spring, Pin national park, dense alpine forests, naked snow-capped peaks, undulated meadows, quirky hamlets, hurtling streams and much more you would see or encounter on the trail. Absolutely enthralling it will be.

Ideal Time to Go: July to September

Duration: 9 days

Sar Pass Trek

Difficulty level of this trek could fall under moderation, so ideal for even beginners with apposite physical stamina. Trek starts from Kasol and runs through Grahan Village- Mung Thach- Nagaru, it concludes at Biskeri. Kasol is a place to be for backpackers, attracts tourists from all over the world, especially for this expedition. Alpine groves of deodars and rhododendrons while traversing through the forests of Parvati Valley takes you to another world where you would amalgamate with the pristine nature of Himachal Pradesh.

Ideal Time to Go: July to September

Duration: 4-5 days

Things to Remember…

  • Always for the instructions and guidance provided by the trekking instructor.
  • Build some stamina by doing yoga and other exercises for few days before expedition.
  • Never forget to carry your ID card
  • Kindly take care of the plastic you take along with you during the trek. Make sure, you don’t pollute the environment.
  • Keep yourself hydrated
  • Carry the trekking stuff and other toiletries along with you.
  • Always carry a medical kit with all essential medicine

…Hope it has sparked your trekking urge. Please share with others too…

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